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Welcome to Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue Inc.  We are an organization dedicated to saving the lives of injured and imperiled marsupials in Western Australia.  We care and nurture them and assist them in rehabilitating to their natural homelands.  This means in the main kangaroos.


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How You Can Help

We have dedicated carers that spend so much of their time and personal finance in providing this loving attention which is why Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue has become an incorporated charity in order to raise funds to help with this continuing care.

And this is where YOU can help.

Any donation, great or small, goes a long way to providing the animals with the medicines, treatment and food they need.  And you can do that easily here.

If you are looking to Volunteer your services and help please go to our Volunteer Form

or, if you are unable to donate but would like to become a subscriber to Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue please click below:


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We are creating this website in support of our existing Facebook page to educate, inform and entertain.  We hope you find it enjoyable.  We are always happy to receive recommendations on how we can improve the site so please feel free to offer your comments via our Contact Page here.


What They Say

"Shane Williams is amazing. I love her passion and never give up attitude towards her wildlife babies 💕 Future For Wildlife Australia loves supporting carers that constantly need help. Thanks so much for all you do Shane, we can never thank you enough for all you do." ♥️
Michelle Bryant
Future For Wildlife Australia
"I just want to put a shout out to someone very special in life and someone that puts her heart and soul into all she does for rescuing animals. Her name is Shane Williams. I've only known her for a little while and have become very close to her. The work she does in saving and caring for her animals should be recognized and she should be up for a medal for woman of the year. I'm actually going to the shire here tomorrow to ask how I go to have her up on a plaque or something in our small country town because a lady like her needs to be praised for the long hours, hard work and money she puts into saving animals. Shane you are my idol and we all love the work you do and love the big heart you have in doing what you do."
Bronwyn Banfield
Supporter of Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue
"Your enclosures always look immaculate, Shane, so clean. No wonder your Roo’s are so blissfully happy. No wonder they keep coming back to visit'"
Terri Wasylycia
Supporter in British Columbia

How you can get involved

Write to us via our Contact Page to learn how you can get involved in this wonderful service.

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