Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue Inc

A Little About Us

Who We Are

Let’s make one thing clear right away, Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue (“BWR”) IS Shane Williams. As much as Shane will never look for accolades for what she does, she is the heart and soul of this service.

Since 2007


About BWR

Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue Inc (“BWR”) is a volunteer-operated animal rescue and rehabilitation centre based in Balingup, near Bridgetown, Western Australia.

BWR is a not-for-profit organisation providing care and rehabilitation services for injured native wildlife in the south west region of the state. It receives injured wildlife from a variety of sources such as the general public, veterinary clinics, local councils, rangers and other wildlife centres. BWR also provides education packages, training and talks on environmental sustainability It encourages and presents volunteering opportunities, kids’ programs, school holiday programs as well as training and education services.


Shane Williams is the mainstay of BWR and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing care and love to rescued animals. She can be contacted on 0427 078 047 or 08-9774 0442 or by email at

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